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Welcome to the new way to tell your story. See what storys has to offer below, then sign up for your free account and get started sharing your story today! If you want to see what this site has to offer in a more interactive way, check out the creators story.

A new way to tell your story

Storys is a new, beautiful way to tell the story of your life. Don't settle for the photo gallery of your social network of choice, dazzle your friends and family with your storys.

Designed to as simple to use as the photo albums of our parents generation, storys lets you chronicle your tales in a never before seen fashion.

It's not a photo sharing site

Your photos are the focus of your storys account, not the controls and ads that adorn other sites. The fullscreen mode (hit the escape button) hides all of the (already minimal) clutter to show off your stunning shots.

This isn't a part of a site designed to show off your photos. In fact, it's not really a site to show off your photos. It's where you tell your story through photos.

Sharing shouldn't be a struggle

This entire site was built with focus on two points: beauty and simplicity. More often than not, they go hand in hand.

Creating a new story is simple. Adding chapters to that story is easy. Upload multiple photos, rotate them on the spot, and remove the chapters you don't want. Piece of cake.

Simple security for your story

It's understandable - you want to share your photos, but only with people you know or trust. Password protect your entire album to prevent snoopers.

After your album is secure, give out your password to your friends but not coworkers, family but not distant family, and cat but not dog. 'Cause who trusts the dog?

Getting started is a snap

As soon as you create your account you'll notice how simple storys is. A quick overview of the functions show off the features of the site before you start adding storys.

Using the site is as simple as using the arrow keys. Hit the up and down buttons to move through your storys, and the left and right buttons to move through the chapters.

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